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Experience New Pleasures With World of Model Escorts Kuala Lumpur

“Exclusivity - Your time is precious and our attention is exclusively for you”

  They say that everyone is a diamond in the rough, our VIP models are sparkling diamonds that have been polished and crafted by the value of their luxury upbringing, their rough edges and surfaces finely cut by sophisticated education leaving their individual personalities to sparkle and shine bright in pure glorious colours.
  However unlike diamonds the girls on World of Escorts KL are warm, feminine and sensually comforting to the refined gentleman and by talking to our receptionist you will be able to find the diamond your looking for in an elite companion whether it is to talk about the finer points of an aged Merlot from the vineyards of old France with its sometimes regulated laws preserving wine making tradition passed through the generations often times in the same family compared to the brash new world where innovation is key and traditional goes hand in hand in with new techniques to squeeze that extra aroma, as you can see no matter what your passions in life we will do our best to match you with an elite courtesan that blends in with your personality
  So if you unexpectedly find yourself in the same city as some of the worlds most elite models and courtesans how can you ensure that you get the world class service you've come to expect from an high class agency? A long serving World of Escorts receptionist explains why she is so successful in her matchmaking;

High Class Escort Agency In Malaysia - World of Escort KL

“Whenever we have a request for a escort to accompany special VIP guests for some of our clients we are able to match them to suitable dates, in fact we had a guest for one of our VIP members looking for an in his own words in chinese and immediately realised that he would need a girl who spoke chinese, had class and would be able to fit around the guests schedules and most importantly had to be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this is all possible by building long lasting trust and relationships with our models and clients alike”
Our receptionist offers a efficient yet luxurious concierge like service towards your needs because we believe when it comes to dating you deserve the best in luxury companionship and because you are willing to invest your hard earned time and wealth for the experience of being with some of the worlds elite courtesans, we are privileged by the trust you place in us to go that extra mile to make you happy

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